Frequently Asked Questions


Do you build websites from scratch or use other server platforms like wordpress or squarespace?

We build all of our websites organically using the code knowledge and experience of our web developers. We don't build websites using a third party platform such as Squarespace, Shopify or Wordpress. This means that the website you receive will be unique to you and this in turn, creates a wide range of advantages to your business. 

Find out more about why we don't use third party platforms in Why choose LibertyEngine

Will I be able to make changes myself to my website or booking system?

Yes, as part of your website development, we provide you with your own, bespoke, CMS (Content Management System), this gives you full control over what content is published, what items or products you want to add and how you communicate your brand through imagery, copywriting & SEO.

Im not sure what type of software/website would suit me best or what I need, can you show me examples?

Each client we work with has completely different requirements and needs to meet the demand of their business and to support their daily operations. We offer a initial consultation with our digital team who can provide examples of ticketing software, website design and functionality as well as bespoke Ecommerce website’s. The initial consultation will allow LibertyEngine to understand your business, who you are as a brand and how LibertyEngine can support needs in order to streamline your business & processes both from a user experience and operational perspective. 

Do I have to be local to work with you?

No, Although we are based in Pitlochry, central Scotland, the beauty of the digital world means we can work with you, on your project no matter how big or small, remotely. We have worked with clients from all over the UK and Europe.

Do you maintain the website for me?

We offer hosting and 24 hour support with daily backup’s so that your crucial data is not lost. We will maintain your website on our own server that is monitored by our Server Specialist. We provide a Content Management System so that you can update and manage the raw content of your website at anytime.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, All websites and web applications are designed to be compatible with smart phones and tablets as well as desktop PC’s & Laptops.

I already have a website, but I would like to change it? Can you redesign it and make changes to it?

We can certainly take over the hosting and maintenance of any website. There is a process to follow which we would do for you, but in short, yes it is relatively simple to change over your website and we can make changes to the design aesthetic, functionality and tools that echo your brand guidelines.

What happens if my website breaks?

We are always here to help with 24 hour support and our server provides maintenance to prevent common site / software crashes. Our small but dedicated team of web developers are always on standby to assist with urgent matters by contacting

How do I set up taking payments online for either a website / booking system / POS software.

We can assist you with that. If you don't already have an account with a payment processing platform, we can offer assistance in setting one up. Our most commonly used payment platform is Stripe and we have a wealth of knowledge in integrating Stripe with websites and online stores.

Content Management Systems

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System, it allows user's to manage and maintain a website without having to use or know how to code. It allows the user to easily create content, modify or publish exisiting content on an interface that is easy to use and navigate. 

Why do I need a CMS (Content Management System)?

By removing the complexity of coding and technical issues around constructing a website, it allows the business owner / users to focus on the actual content of the website and concentrate on optimising the website correctly with carefully created copywriting, blogs, news articles and increasing website traffic. 

Booking Systems

I am looking for system to sell tickets and manage events online. Can LibertyEngine make a system for ticket controlled or time tabled events?

Absolutely, LibertyEngine are renowned for development of online ticketing and event management systems. We have successfully designed and built custom ticketing systems for a wide range of commercial clients who see large number of attendees, such as Knockhill Racing Circuit, Perth Racecourse, Birnam Arts and Ski Glenshee. Each system is built to individual clients needs and tailored to suit the daily operations of events. From workshops and classes, to large music events, racing events and day experiences. Our ticketing system is built with a ticket office for internal use, this allows employees to manage bookings, create tickets types and capacities, populate QR codes and view live entry reports.
In addition to this, we also offer Progressive Web Apps for additional system support. 

Will your websites / CMS / Booking systems / Progressive Web Apps all work together if I needed a full digital package?

Yes, the benefit of Liberty Engine designing and developing all aspects of your digital presence such as your website with ecommerce, booking system and web Apps is that because its uniquely created to your needs, we can also make various system integrate with one another so that your business processes run as smoothly as possible with accuracy and consistency and to avoid doubling up on work load.

Progressive Web Apps

What Progressive Web App do you offer?

In addition to an online ticket sells and booking systems, we also offer a custom app for laser scanning the QR codes of tickets. This functionality provides the tools for you to manage your events all year round, offering a smooth point of entry for customers and members of the public, to ensure their experience is a positive one. The data captured by the progressive web app also offers accurate reports of attendance, capacities and forecasts as well as ticket sales and high footfall areas giving you complete control of your event.

Can you make me a bespoke Apps?

Yes, We can adapt our progressive web app to suit the daily use of your business. Whether it is an app for selling products, services or for managing events, we can adapt the tools and interface to work within your industry. 

What is the benefit of a progressive web app for businesses?

Progressive web apps are much like websites but designed and behaves like a mobile app. They are easy to install on different devices, allowing your app and business to be conducted while on the move or from different working areas such as different entry points for an event. 

PWA also use less storage on your device, allowing enchanced performance, easy to update and very reliable. 

Ticketing Systems

Can you create a ticketing system/ software that is bespoke?

Yes, we create all of our ticketing platforms to meet individual or commercial needs. This means you can have a platform that does eactly what you need on a daily basis. Our systems can be simple with no frills or fuss or depending on the business and the complexity of events, we can build a comprehensive ticketing system that caters for larger events. 

Will I be able to add my own events and different ticket types, prices and offers?

Absolutely, you will have full access to the box office and CMS which gives you flexibility to add and manage events as well as populating and managing tickets.

How much does is cost to build a custom system for ticketing or website management?

Our costs vary depending on a number of factors, such as; how much of the content is provided to us, how complex you need your website / system to be and how much data will pass through our server. Our catalogue website’s with basic functionality and CMS start from £1500 - £2000 and go up depending on the type of system / software you would like us to create customised to your business needs and growth. If you know what your requirements are, we can offer an estimated quote in the first instance. 

Design & Digital Presence

Can you design my website and offer assistance with brand identity?

LibertyEngine was created with design and function at it's forefront, we can create website prototypes and assist you with the overall aesthetics of your website and digital presence. We believe in the power of the process and working with you throughout each phase from concept to delivery. Whether it is creating Logos, Branded content for social or visual communications.

Do you offer graphic design services?

Yes, we offer design services to create captivating digital concepts that echo your brand identity. Whether you are looking for us to design your website, create content relevent to your brand for social media use or where you require design artwork for printed promotion material. We work with Adobe creative suite to produce innovitative digital designs to client specifications.

Domain & Hosting

Who would host my website / ticketing software?

Liberty Engine will be the website host, we charge for this service annually. We take care of managing the website on our server, so you don’t need to do anything.

Can you take care of setting up / renewing my domain name?

Yes, if you don't yet have a domain name, we can source one for you that is then built into your annual hosting fee.

What is a Domain Name and why do I need one?

A domain name is the address of your website that customers or users would type into a browser to find your website.

To create a website you need a domain name in order for people to visit you, much like a home address. You can purchase a domain name from third party companies such as 123reg, godaddy or, LibertyEngine can source a domain name on your behalf and manage the service / renewals of you domain name and web hosting. 

Events & Ticketing equipment hire

I am hosting a one off event and don’t want to invest in the equipment. Do you hire commercial ticketing and scanning equipment for events?

Yes, we offer a range of equipment from thermal printers, laser scanner guns and mobile devices to support web app scanners and epos systems. Depending on the size of your events and quantities required, you can lease the appropriate equipment from us for the duration of your event. Get in touch with us for more information.

Do you offer Technical support for major events?

Depending on what service you chose from us, we can also offer in person support for any large events or where an event is ticketed. This means that X2 representatives from Liberty Engine will attend your event in person as on hand Tech support to assist with any issues with the laser scanners, POS, Thermal printers or ticketing systems.

Website Audits

I have a website but how do I know if it is performing correctly?

We often carry out website audits, its a crucial part of a good marketing strategy. We can offer a full analysis of a website’s visibility in search engines and make recommendations on improvements or changes that would enhance your website’s performance and visability to your target audience. 

What is included in a Website Audit

A full website audit carried our by LibertyEngine will evaluate a website based on not only its content but its technical performance too. Main areas we assess are; 

  • SEO (serach engine optimisation) and areas in which this could be improved

  • Meta descriptions and alt tags used in the correctly

  • Speed test - how quickly your website loads and identify issues with loading content.

  • Site Security - prevents compromising sensitive information and data. 

  • Conversion rate - understanding visitors behavours and identifying an issues a user may face during a process. 

What our customers say

Liberty Engine were a very efficient and friendly team to work with. Over the last 12 months they have helped us in designing and implementing an integrated website, ticketing system, ski equipment hire system for our ski operations and upgrading our retail till and stock system for our Café, creating a bespoke package of products to suit our needs.

As a company we have enjoyed working with them, finding them to provide a professional personal service which was approachable, and willing act upon our feedback to develop systems which were fit for our needs. Their experience in this kind of work and development shone through, and they were able to bring forward ideas and systems they had extensive knowledge of to make things work better, always talking us through and explaining their solutions rather than just applying them. From the outset they took time to really understand our business and its needs. We’ve found the support given goes above and beyond anything we have received previously, with them on hand to give advice and responsive to any queries or issues we have. This personal touch means that most issues were resolved quickly with no fuss. I would highly recommend their services to any business who wants a five star service with people who are easy to deal with and at very reasonable prices.

Sarah McGuire – Finance Manager @ Glenshee Ltd   |